Kenta Hayashi – Live CaMus + SpeaKtail World Aperitif

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Data / Ora
Date(s) - 24/02/2020
19:30 - 23:30



🗓Sunday February 9th, 2020 – 9 p.m.
📍 CaMus – Palermo, Via Patania, 8
💰Free entry. Two options to book a table:
🍱Aperitif + concert (‘till 8.15 p.m.)
🍴 Dinner + concert

👉You can book by:
📩 sending CaMus page a message
📞 333 3155173 (whatsapp)
KENTA HAYASHI – a.k.a. 444Hz Loop Pedal Ninja 🎛
“444Hz tuning. Japanese looper – guitarist and loop pedal ninja KENTA HAYASHI takes the term ‘one man band’ to the next level, creating an orchestra of sound by layering vocals, guitar, effects and percussion.
The result is a fusion of psychedelic dubbed out journeys surrounded by soundscapes and an overtone of harmonies on a rhythmic foundation – all created live by Kenta through the use of his loop pedal.” Kenta focuses on the vibration of music. The vibrations he creates resonate with the natural frequency of the water in our bodies, 444Hz, like a healing meditational process.
Kenta's live show is full of epic tension and release. Big layered build ups and sparse breakdowns with trance-like grooves.
KENTA HAYASHI has been on his World Tour with many shows and festivals such as (Glastonbury Festival, Boomtown Fair in U.K, OZORA in Hungary, Woodford Folk Festival in Australia, FUJI
ROCK FESTIVAL in Japan etc) through out the year.
33 countries (in 2019) Europe, U.K, Australia, Asia, American, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala.
Kenta also produces electronic music as he travels the world, he records various sounds (different languages, nature sounds, noises, etc), samples, combining the powerful energy of his live performance with the endless sonic possibilities of electronic production.
SpeaKtail – Monday World Aperitif 🍸
SpeakTail, is the coolest way to speak a different language, hang out with friends and make new ones.
If you are studying languages, at the Uni or in a school this is the time to put it in practice. You will discover people with so many things in common.
You will receive a small sticker (small adhesive flag) for every language that you speak. This flag system allows participants to find their language-matches. More language you can speak, easier would be for you to make new friends from all over the world.🎌
The entrance is free! If you want to give something back, buy a drink at the bar when you’re good and ready. Participants are free to join the Kenta Hayashi concert and to enjoy the whole CaMus social space, without any kind of interferences.
Take your flags, have your cocktail: SpeakTail would be easier 😉

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