OPEN CALL / Liquida Studio Residency / Deadline: Sept 15th, 2019

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Date(s) - 15/09/2019
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Liquida - Palermo Studio Residency


LIQUIDA is a studio residency programme in Palermo (Sicily – Italy). The second edition will take place between October and December 2019. You can submit your proposal by September 15th, 2019.

Application (via Picter):

The residency programme is open to photographers and visual artists that are strongly interested to develop a project pertinent with the photographic medium. According to the synopsis, the project need to be coherent with the geographical area of the residency. However, the selected artist will not have any specific limitation in terms of theme, visual approach and dissemination.

LIQUIDA is a residency programme co-founded and co-curated by Baco about photographs and Minimum and with the technical support of Cutterfish lab.

“Palermo has always been melting pot of populations and cultures like a bridge between the eastern and the western world; over time, it has become the most symbolic city of the mediterranean area, representing the root of our culture.
Since ever, Mediterranean has been a strong metaphor for exchange, relationships, extroversion; then, revaluing and contextualising these principles at our time, Baco and Minimum have decided to give life to LIQUIDA.

LIQUIDA is a deep necessity to get contaminated from photographers and visual artists who might be able to represent the seeds of our Mediterranean culture as well as the directions we might aspire and eventually move forward to.

LIQUIDA is a cultural and artistic necessity to rediscover a critical thinking of our determination to live, at the time of globalization, in Sicily, the mediterranean “Middle Earth”.

LIQUIDA is more than an open call for a studio residency in Palermo; it is a project imagined like a “substance that flows freely and does not resist change of shape, but does resist change of size”, in a physical (and artistic) state.

LIQUIDA is an allegory for Palermo, that is in turn metaphor for our roots”.

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